Precious words and phrases you can teach your child from a young age

Parenting does not come with an instruction manual. Nonetheless, there are some key phrases which, if used appropriately, can offer your children the skills to cope better or even thrive in this world. Also, your words can help them become positive, confident, and caring individuals that can even improve other people’s lives too. The below phrases can have tremendous impact on a child’s life, promote mindfulness, and create a positive mindset

1. “You are loved.”

It is crucial to make your children feel constantly loved and accepted, so reminding them that you love them unconditionally can only inspire them in so many ways. When children feel love and affection, they also feel safe, and this sense of security helps them become self-reliant individuals that are not afraid of being themselves and, at the same time, be open to new experiences. 

2. “I trust you and your decisions.”

Even if you don’t always agree with your children’s decisions, it is of vital importance to show that you trust them, and they have the freedom to make their own choices. This teaches them to have confidence in themselves and, also, enables them to learn from their mistakes and prevents them from repeating them.

3. “Think about how you can solve the problem.”

It is often easier and less time consuming to help our children by solving their problems instead of letting them to find the solution themselves. However, trying to solve your own problems is a valuable skill and part of growing into a successful individual. Hence, we should support our children by urging them to think how to approach an issue instead of simply offering the answer.

4. “You have come so far!”

When a child seems to be progressing at a slower pace than we expect, it is essential that we support them and praise their progress, no matter how slow it is. Comparing children to others or making negative comments can only harm their confidence and hinder their efforts and desire to succeed.

5. “I am proud of you.”

Don’t forget to tell your children that you are proud of them. Not only when they achieve something important but even for making progress or improving at something that used to be difficult for them. This will motivate them to try harder and maintain a positive behavior.

6. “I love spending time with you.”

The bond between children and parents is so valuable and, no matter how busy you may be, you should find time to spend with your child and let them know that you are truly enjoying this special time. This will enhance your bond and strengthen your relationship.

7. “Thank you for being a helper.”

It is always nice to have a little helper, and this benefits not only you but your child too, who learns the value of helping. Especially if you show your appreciation and praise the help you receive, your children will want to help you and others.

8. “Can you tell me what you think about this?”

For building your children’s self-esteem, encourage them to express their opinion and share their thoughts. Moreover, don’t forget to tell them much you value their thoughts. This will urge your child to eventually become a good communicator and, effectively, develop the necessary skills for finding solutions even when not asked.

9. “You made a great observation.”

When you ask your child’s perspective on something, you will probably listen to a very interesting and unique comment. This is because children view things differently than adults and can make useful observations. To help them improve this skill, praise their good observations, and ask them to keep expressing what they notice.

10. “It is okay to say no. You can’t make everyone happy.”

Last but not least, it is absolutely necessary to teach your child to say no if they don’t feel comfortable doing something. You cannot please everyone; therefore, they should learn from a young age that this is not necessary and what is important is to do the things that please them and not others.

Parents should have the time to bond with their children and constantly give them love, support, and encouragement for becoming independent and kind adults. RMHC® Cyprus supports family bonds and wants to ensure that children get to be with their families, especially during hard times. This is why we provide resources, support, and a home-away-from-home to the families of hospitalized children, so that families are always kept together.

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