Get Involved


Make a difference in the families who walk through our doors.

As a non-profit organization, we value all assistance we can secure from local volunteers. Volunteers can undertake tasks such as event planning, fundraising, running errands on behalf of families or simply being there to help in any way they can. Anyone can become a volunteer and engage as much time as they are willing to, without strings attached. We welcome applications from interested parties directly to our inbox.

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Partner with Us

Our vision can only be materialized through the support of corporate partners who play a vital part in our charity’s sustainability. We encourage long-term associations with partners who can help fund our programs and services aiming at improving the health and well-being of children and their families. There are various ways in which corporations can partner with us, to find out more and express your interest in becoming a corporate partner drop us an email.

Fundraise for Us

We welcome fundraising initiatives by individuals or organizations. Any such initiatives are embraced and appreciated, as we are aware that they will play a vital role in our fund collection efforts. Contact us to share any ideas you may have.

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