Kongorozi Family

“I won’t say that there were no difficult moments, but, during our stay at the House pain was made lighter”
Michaelia reveals.

5 years later, the family looks through an album filled with memories and share some of moments they lived at the Ronald McDonald House in San Antonio.

A home, miles away from home, which hosted and supported them throughout their little girl’s hospitalization and treatment

Papadopoulou Family

The first feeling when we arrived at the Ronald McDonald Ηouse in Germany was a huge relief. We were in a friendly place near our little boy where we found support and companionship…said the Papadopoulou family. We stayed at the RMHC House for about 3.5 months, until we were discharged from the hospital.

Ioannidou Family

The Ronald McDonald House in New York did not simply provide accommodation to us; it was our second home, Ioannidou family said.

We feel blessed to have been provided a free home and meals, since both of our children underwent medical treatment.

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