Everything you need to know about Ronald McDonald House Charities Cyprus

Watching happy children playing around and interacting with others is definitely one of the most rewarding and pleasing experiences. This is precisely what has inspired and motivated Ronald McDonald House Charities Cyprus into working intensively to keep families together and give as many smiles as possible to children in need and to their families. 

Who we are

Ronald McDonald House Cyprus is an independent charity, part of the non-profit organization Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) that operates in more than 65 countries and regions globally. The goal of the organization is to create as many “family rooms” and “family houses” as possible, in order to provide a home away from home to the families of hospitalized children. Our first important project was the foundation of the Pediatric Clinic for children with heart disease at the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia, officially inaugurated in October 2014. We are now preparing our second major project, the creation of the first Ronald McDonald House®, which is to be completed in 2022, and it will be located right opposite the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital. This house, in particular, will host the families of hospitalized children not only at Archbishop Makarios III Hospital but also at other medical clinics in Nicosia, so as the families of these children are close to their children for as long as needed. 

Vision & Action

Our vision is straightforward; we want to provide these families with free comfortable, warm, and cozy accommodation so that they can solely focus on their children’s health and, also, on their other children’s well-being, if the hospitalized child has siblings too. So far, RMHC globally has organized more than 685 fundraising activities, offering help and support to 1.4 million families. Of course, this would not have been possible without the valuable help of our 136.000 volunteers.

According to extensive research, when the parents have less stress and can focus on their child’s health, instead of having to spend their energy and money on matters like finding accommodation, commuting, preparing meals, shopping and cleaning, the child has increased chances of responding to the treatment and feeling better. The reason for this is because the love of the family enhances the effectiveness of any treatment! This is why we want the families to have access to home cooked meals, private bedrooms, and also playrooms for the siblings of the hospitalized children.

Our goal is to help families be together, so they become stronger. Simultaneously, we want to offer a home to these families that is closer to the child’s medical team. In this way, we facilitate the communication among them, especially if the treatment plans are long and complicated.

How to make a donation

The success of the charity and the materialization of our vision and goals depend on the support and generosity of our fundraisers and donors. For continuing to support even more families in need, we appreciate every help of every size. We value all contributions and we do not consider any help to be “little” or “insignificant”. For donating any amount of money, you can use the specially made donation boxes situated in McDonalds restaurant all over Cyprus. Alternatively, you can donate directly to our organization (https://rmhc.org.cy/donate/make-a-donation/). You can also donate new toys and books to help us equip our house that will host the siblings of our little fighters. Finally, you can also become a volunteer and offer as much time as you want, without any strings attached. As a volunteer, you can help with various tasks such as event planning, fundraising, or helping the families with their daily needs. 

You can send an application directly to our inbox and your help will be embraced and appreciated not only by us but especially from the families of the hospitalized child.

RMHC CYPRUS’ vision is to keep families together so as to comfort and support each other, especially during hard times. We constantly try to fulfill our goals by providing the necessary resources, support, and a home away from home to the families of hospitalized children.

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